LDI, celebrating 20 years, continues to be the marketplace for innovation, product introductions, and information exchange for the community of professionals whose business is the art and technology of entertainment production. This year, more than 400 manufacturers and suppliers are committed to ensuring the continued success of their business and your show by participating in LDI. As always, our mission is to continue to provide a comprehensive platform for manufacturers of all entertainment technology products, the ideal stage to showcase new and existing products as well as services to the 14,000-plus show registrants — 14,000-plus people wanting to see the broad spectrum of possibilities in our industry at their show of choice, your show.

In partnership with ESTA, also celebrating 20 years, we are as strong and vital as ever, delivering the best of the best in the entertainment technology industry, featuring a full array of education training sessions and tutorials, a Technologies for Worship hands-on training pavilion, three days of ET Live audio/stage demonstrations, and Backstage Orlando. Here is where ideas and concepts take root and grow.

Our industry's show is LDI. You are all LDI.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show. And thanks for the memories…