XL Video UK has been awarded the prestigious ISO14001 status, recognizing its environmental management system.

MD Lee Spencer says, “Being awarded the ISO 14001 accreditation is a great achievement for all the staff at XL Video UK as it highlights the company’s commitment to the environment and the local community.”

Hemel Hempstead-based XL Video has been segregating and recycling waste since 2005 and working closely with a local waste contractor. Paper and cardboard are segregated for reprocessing and locations are designated throughout the offices and warehouse to deal efficiently with these waste streams, along with plastic, metal, green waste, light-bulbs, and batteries. Plastic cups are also collected and recycled.

Low energy light-sources are used throughout the UK warehouse and office building, complete with automatic lighting controls to minimize wastage. Energy saving settings are activated on all the office computers, paper consumption has been dramatically reduced, and recycled paper is used for the majority of office applications. Printer cartridges are also always recycled. Even the toilets have become green, with reduced or dual flush options, and reliance on chemical cleaners and solvents has been minimized, with biodegradable alternatives employed.

XL Video’s transport department makes one of their largest environmental impacts. The entire delivery van fleet has been replaced with the latest Euro IV specifications, complete with new satellite tracking and navigation systems that ensure optimum routing. Speed limiters have been fitted to vans and driver training now includes guidance on good environmental practices.

All these initiatives are constantly reviewed and a staff committee meets regularly to monitor progress and look at new ways of waste reduction and energy conservation and efficiency.

XL Video is also working with its clients and suppliers to promote environmental awareness and influence positive and proactive environmental behaviour.

XL Video’s operational and working practices were rigorously scrutinized before the ISO 14001 status was conferred. Lee Spencer states, “Environmental issues and the recognition that everyone can make a difference is vital for our future, and it’s also a phenomena embraced by many areas of the entertainment industry. As a responsible and caring business, we understand the need to ensure an environmentally conscious operation.”