Wybron is celebrating the successful launch of their monthly online market research surveys. The ongoing research program will be used to influence product development and help Wybron better understand the needs and desires of lighting professionals. Live Design is a cooperative partner in Wybron’s research effort.

Some of Wybron's key innovations over the years have been a direct result of listening to suggestions from their customers. The monthly surveys are another way for Wybron to be responsive to the industry.

“The surveys are short, generally 10 minutes or less, and can be completed from any computer at any time during the month. But most of all, we are talking to people about topics of interest to their industry,” says Margie White of the surveys’ success. White is president of Acromatics Marketing Research, which conducts Wybron's research.

The February survey is online now and can be taken by visiting www.wybron.com/research/. To encourage people to take the survey, every month Wybron will be giving away a new 30GB Apple iPod™ to one person randomly selected from all respondents of that month’s survey.

One hundred and forty seven people completed the January survey. A wide range of the lighting industry was represented, with professionals from television, art installations, outdoor environments, worship services, and even “extreme environments.” Bill Brinsley and Bill Ebeling were the recipients of a new iPod.

January’s poll asked what subjects should be covered in future surveys. The answers were as varied as the respondents. Not surprisingly, LEDs were the most frequently requested topic. Since 90% of January respondents stated that they had worked in the theatre in the past year, it raises an interesting question: How much will LEDs find their way into the theatre? February’s survey aims to find out.

The February survey includes several current topics of interest. In addition to LEDs, the survey covers health insurance issues and the importance of education to a successful career in lighting.