, a leading national special effects design, consultation, and production company headquartered near Orlando, will debut a series of master classes in pyrotechnics and special effects this fall. Conducted by industry pioneer Tylor Wymer, the WOW!Works Master Class Training Series will provide the industry’s only comprehensive study and practical forum for those seeking to expand their knowledge of pyrotechnics and special effects techniques, product options, and issues.

The series--comprised of two classes, each spanning two days--is geared toward professionals who manage, represent, or oversee the use of special effects in their shows, events, or venues. Curriculum will be presented from a variety of professional perspectives, from design and technical production to event planning and producing. Topics to be covered include the very latest in products, practices, regulations, and design trends. Prospective students can opt to take one or two classes, which will be offered contiguously to accommodate those who wish to attend both.

"Focus on Pyrotechnics" provides a complete overview on the types of pyrotechnics available on the market today as well as where and how they can be used. The two-day session will feature a spotlight on safety, regulations, and product advances. "An Insiders Guide to Special Effects" offers participants an in-depth look at the various non-pyrotechnic options including smoke, fog, and haze; streamers and confetti; and wind, rain, and snow. Both classes will emphasize the differences among various options along with special considerations and impacts of the methods and materials selected.

"We developed this series to respond to the growing demand for training in the complex and dynamic field of special effects," said Bettina Buckley, chief effects orchestrator of WOW!Works. "As pioneers in the industry and specialists in design and implementation, we field constant requests for instruction and guidance. We also recognized the need for a training series that offers impartial education on the widest range of products available on the market."

WOW!Works will limit class size to 20 attendees to ensure safety and quality of experience for participants. Tuition is $650 per class with a $50.00 discount for students and members of TEA, IAAPA, MPI, ISES, and USITT. "Focus on Pyrotechnics" is scheduled for August 12 and 13 and again on September 23 and 24. "An Insiders Guide to Special Effects" will be held on August 14 and 15 and again on September 25 and 26.

Tylor Wymer, WOW!Works’ chief effects artist, will bring more than 20 years of experience to the classroom for both lecture-style training as well as hands-on labs where participants can work with highlighted hardware and products. As a designer, design director, and sole architect for the Walt Disney Company’s only live entertainment special effects group, Wymer was tapped to develop the training program for the company’s vast use of a variety of special effects around the world. Wymer’s extensive industry knowledge advanced the research, development, and production of special effects supporting a variety of high-profile assignments including five Superbowl halftime shows, numerous grand openings in the United States and abroad, Broadway, and Disney Cruise Line. Wymer’s experience goes beyond the theme park arena to include stage shows, television programs, and commercials and live events.

To reserve space, prospective participants can call 352-243-2124, or go online to Additional series information and more class dates, including detailed class descriptions, times, and hotel information will also be able on a web page dedicated to the WOW!Works Master Class Training Series.