For the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, Italy, Laser Entertainment srl from Milan used Wireless Solution AB's W-DMX to control several high-effect lasers, smoke machines, and other DMX effects.

Alberto Kellner Ongaro, CEO of Laser Entertainment was very happy with dual award-winning system. "We had the Wireless DMX running for 18 days in a row during almost three weeks of production. The show was running from 07:00 in the evening to 02:00 in the morning without a single drop-out of signal transmission," he says.

In fact, Laser Entertainment has already purchased several more W-DMX systems for their Carnival project in Venice. Because W-DMX can cover distances of over 3,000' using the standard antenna, with an optional larger antenna which makes distances of over 18 miles possible, it is perfectly suited for large-scale applications.

Designed for theatre, corporate events, theme parks, and architectural applications, Wireless Solutions’ W-DMX product is a plug-and-play system that outperforms Wi-Fi-based arrangements, according to the Sweden-based company. The first prototypes of the W-DMX product range were shown in 2004 at the SIB show in Rimini, Italy, and at PLASA in London. Wireless Solutions won a 2004 PLASA Award and a 2005 LDI Award for Innovation for its W-DMX Outdoor IP65 Receiver.

Photos courtesy of Laser Entertainment srl