Robert Wierzel's Tony-nominated lighting for the hit musical, FELA!, will be discussed in a special session at Sardi's on Thursday, May 27 as part of the 2010 Broadway Lighting Master Classes. All BLMC attendees will see a performance of FELA! on Tuesday evening, May 25.

Entitling his session “Fostering An Organic Process Within The Modern Musical," Wierzel will cover the following topics:

History with Bill T. Jones and The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company:
★ How dance w/Bill is put together
★ The role Light plays in dance
★ What Light can and cannot communicate

2. Early beginnings of FELA:
★ First ‘workshop’ version, 2007
★ Off Broadway production process
★ Working in the moment
★ Building trust & respect and a positive environment

3. FELA on Broadway:
★ Translating ideas/managing resources
★ Organization and process.
★ Working with projected imagery
★ Maintaining an objective eye
★ Building a positive environment

Wierzel's lighting session will be followed by a luncheon and collaboration panel on FELA!, including projection designer Peter Nigrini, set/costume designer Marina Draghici, and co-writer Jim Lewis. Non BLMC attendees can purchase a ticket to the lunch and two panels for $75. Call Kim Romano at +1-203-358-4257 for tickets.

Full details on BLMC and how to register.

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