Debuting at the PLASA 2004 show in London Sept. 12-15 is Flying Pig Systems’ Hog 3 PC, which offers the flexibility and power of the Wholehog 3 operating system now on a personal computer.

This system of software and hardware components combines to produce the system that you need: from cost-free Hog 3 PC software for viewing and editing Wholehog 3 shows through to a 4,096 channel console, depending on number of USB DMX widgets.

Hog 3 PC offers features including the Effects Engine. New Remote Focus device provides freedom to operate all console functions from any location without the burden of cables. Hog 3 PC controls automated and conventional light fixtures, and hardware is backwards compatible with the discontinued Wholehog 2 software. Software runs on a laptop or desktop computer, or can be rackmounted.

"The introduction of Hog 3 PC software greatly expands the capabilities of the Wholehog 3 operating system," says Brad Schiller, HES director of software development. "Following a similar implementation as Hog 2 PC, the new software provides off-line editing functionality for the Wholehog 3 console as well as the new Hog iPC. Additionally, the Hog 3 PC software is able to network wired or wireless with other Wholehog 3 consoles or computers. The software even includes a specialized interface for Remote Focus use on a tablet PC."