Donations to Light Relief and Cancer Research UK from White Light to mark the Christmas season

Lighting supplier White Light chose a different approach to marking Christmas this year: Instead of sending out Christmas cards to customers, the company has decided to make donations to two charities.

White Light continues its ongoing involvement with the lighting industry charity Light Relief with a donation of £2000. Established in 2000, Light Relief aims to provide help to those working in the field of entertainment lighting when they find themselves in times of extreme hardship. White Light has been involved with Light Relief from the start, with White Light’s Chairman, John Simpson, serving as one of the charity’s trustees. He presented White Light’s donation to fellow-trustee and Association of Lighting Designers Chairman Rick Fisher at 14th Annual Lighting Dinner in mid-December.

White Light has donated a further £1000 to Cancer Research UK. This donation marks and commemorates the lives of a number of White Light people lost to cancer during 2004-2005, including Antony Bridges and White Light co-founders Rory Dempster and Andy Phillips.

“We hope that people won’t be too disappointed when they don’t see a Christmas card from White Light drop through their letterbox this year,” says John Simpson. “We decided that this year, the money we’d normally spend on cards and gifts we’d donate to two worthwhile causes, that it would be a better way to celebrate Christmas. We do hope that others agree—and we do wish everyone in the industry all the best for Christmas and the New Year beyond.”