It's been an autumn of parties for the White Light Group, the London-based lighting distributor, and winter looks set to continue the same way, but with one major difference: autumn was political parties, winter will be festive ones.

In the political arena, White Light Group members were responsible for lighting both the Labour and the Liberal Democrat Party Conferences. Having worked with the LibDems during their 2001 Election Roadshow, Colourhouse, White Light’s conference and exhibition lighting specialist, was once again entrusted with the Party's lighting, working again with lighting designer Tim Ball and set designers The Original Propshop. Meanwhile, the Labour Party conference called for lighting with a rig that included fifty moving lights and ten 5kW fresnels supplied by White Light and The Moving Light Company, with the installation overseen by a team led by production electrician Stuart Crane. At least one attendee seems to have thought that the rig was overkill: the Daily Telegraph pictured a perspiring Tony Blair glancing up at the bright lights as he commented "Thank you for the free sauna"!

The Christmas season will see the White Light Group switch into festive party mode, with White Light Events already heavily booked for the late-autumn and Christmas seasons. Many of these events build on the working relationships White Light Events formed in its first season last Christmas, most notably with the return of the Christmas Party Structure in Coram's Fields, just south of King's Cross in London, which will house a number of themed environments over the party season. White Light Events are also lighting events at the Hop Exchange in London's Borough Market, as well as many other corporate parties.

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