In the crazy world of theatre there are times when you just can't call, either because it's too late at night, or because you don't really want to be caught on the phone in the quietest moment of rehearsal. So White Light announces a new way for its customers to keep in touch with its staff--by SMS text message from mobile phones.

White Light's text number is 07739-819111. Text messages sent to that number get forwarded to the relevant part of the White Light Group by e-mail. To ensure that messages are routed to the right place, any message should start with a department or company name. Currently contactable by text message are hire, sales, MLC (for The Moving Light Company), Service (for The Service Company), CH (for Colourhouse), Early (for White Light staff working outside White Light's normal opening hours), and admin. A message that simply says "Help Me" will receive a reply listing the textable departments.

Anyone wanting to use the Text Service should first register with White Light so that the source of incoming messages can be identified. To register, text the word "Register" followed by your first and last names to 07739-819111.

"We've been experimenting with the Text Service for a while, as another way to make it easier for people to get in touch with us," comments White Light's Bryan Raven. "It is already proving popular, particularly with those working on fit-ups in London late at night who know that if they text requests for additional equipment to us, we will often be able to get the equipment on to our first West End delivery runs and so, in many cases, have it with them by 9am."