The Wally Russell Foundation is pleased to announce its 17th annual $7,500.00 contribution to the Los Angeles Opera. This donation goes to substantially fund the appointment of the Wally Russell Lighting Intern at the Opera.

Participants in this program work directly with the design and production organization of one of North America ‘s most highly regarded opera companies. Interns get direct hands on experience on stage for an entire opera season as well as the chance to work with the top designers and technicians in the country. Virtually all have received their USA union card as a direct result of their participation as the Wally Russell Intern.

“Although the recession during this past period has certainly reduced the Foundation’s annual intake,” comments Tom Folsom, Foundation president. “At our last board meeting the vote was clear to continue our support of both the Los Angeles Opera and the Toronto Opera through this calendar year.” John Wiseman, board member, adds: “We are working on some programs we will present this fall which we hope will bring our contribution levels up so we can continue the good work and money that the Foundation has been providing since its inception in 1992.

Jeff Kleeman, technical director for the Los Angeles Opera, notes, “We are very grateful for this continue support by the Wally Foundation. Among the many amazing things that Wally did in his life, being the first Technical Director of the then infant Los Angeles Opera was among his proudest. His style and innovation continues long past his premature departure. We are proud and happy to continue this very important internship in his name.”
This 2011 contribution is the 17th annual contribution made by the Wally Russell Foundation. With this year’s contribution, the Foundation has now provided over $125,000 dollars to the Los Angeles Opera to fund the Lighting Internship. Anna Martin from Cal Arts is the current intern. She is currently working in NYC with Don Holder.

For more information on the Wally Russell Foundation, or to provide support, please contact the Foundation directly, or visit us on Facebook at The Wally Russell Foundation.