W-DMX by Wireless Solution Sweden AB was a major player in the June 9 opening ceremonies for the 2006 World Cup, the globe’s largest single sporting event. Opening ceremonies, followed by the first official game between Germany and Costa Rica, were held at Munich’s new Allianz Arena. Thirty-two nations will take place in this championship’s 18th edition since 1930. A total of 64 games involving 736 players will capture the world’s attention for the next month in 12 stadiums across Germany,

The Bavarian-themed extravaganza included polka, cowbells, and men in Lederhosen, followed by the arrival of the golden World Cup trophy ushered in by football legend Pelé and German supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Wireless Solution supplied W-DMX and on-site support to Flashlight from Holland, who supplied all the equipment at the stage for the half-hour grand opening ceremony, which was broadcast live in more than 50 countries to a global audience of over 300 million. A Flying Pig Systems Wholehog 2 ran 52 Syncrolite B-52 5Ks spread over a 500' distance of the football field (150m) using four W-DMX Transmitters and 10 W-DMX Receivers to a full audience of over 66,000, which included people on the field.

Project Manager Michel Bisschops of Flashlight says, “The W-DMX system from Wireless Solution is a really, really good and stable system. It worked perfect the whole time without a single problem or delay in the wireless DMX transmission.”

Lighting Designer Martin Kuhn chose the W-DMX as the only system to offer interference-free transmission of Wireless DMX in the complicated installation of so many Syncrolites spread around the field to avoid interference of all AV and W-LAN Equipment.

Niclas Arvidsson of Wireless Solution explains, “We’ve been involved with many projects where there were thousands of people at the same location with telephones, radio, television signals, etc., and we never had a single interference problem, thanks to our adaptive frequency-hopping technology that changes frequency 1000 times per second and TDMA technology used in the W-DMX system.”