Vutec Corporation has released an extensive line-up of super-bright SilverStar screens throughout its flat, front projection screen product assortment. SilverStar represents the first new front screen technology introduced in the industry in the past 25 years and has patents pending.

Vutec engineers developed a unique, 5-ply substrate for SilverStar, which renders impressive gain without the hot spotting or limited angle-of-view restrictions usually associated with higher gain screens. The SilverStar is available in three gains: 4.5, 6.0 and 9.5, for maximized suitability with almost any application. The SilverStar is available throughout Vutec’s flat, rigid front projection screen line-up, including the Vision X series of high-end, high-performance screens. Sizes are available up to a maximum of 60” high by 120” wide, seamless.

The SilverStar provides many advantages over conventional screens. In addition to its high gain and wide angle-of-view capabilities, the SilverStar enhances its inherent brightness with outstanding contrast and magnificent color reproduction. The SilverStar’s performance provides excellent detail, black level, color purity, contrast and brightness even in high ambient light situations. These characteristics make it ideal for applications where it is not practical to reduce room lighting. Light control is simply not critical with the SilverStar – picture detail jumps out at you. Additionally, the SilverStar screens can be multiplexed when large presentations or theater-size are required.

Vutec Corporation is a privately held Florida manufacturing company, currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. Vutec's Video Products Division is one of the leading projection screen manufacturers in the world, making a superior line of high-end Vutec™, Vision X™ and Retracta-Vu™ video projection screens. All Vutec products are distributed for home, commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.

Vutec Corporation’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Pompano Beach, FL. and over 100 people are currently employed there. Vutec holds patents and patents pending on several products and provides its services through a rapidly expanding global network of authorized dealers and distributors. For more information, please contact Vutec at (954) 545-9000, e-mail at, or visit Vutec online at