Improvements to the VARI*LITE® Series 1000TM product line have resulted in higher output and even greater brightness from Vari-Lite Inc.'s award-winning VL1000TM ellipsoidal reflector spotlight. Modifications in the optics system have significantly increased the output of the VL1000T (tungsten) models, offering lighting professionals an even more powerful automated ellipsoidal that still provides the warmer color temperatures and perfect color rendering.

"The enhancements to the VL1000T demonstrate Vari-Lite's commitment to leading the advancement of the automated lighting industry," said Clay Powers, Vari-Lite president and COO. "Our optical experts are amazing. Through our engineering excellence, we continue to raise the bar for what lighting professionals can expect from automated lighting."

In the past year, Vari-Lite has set new benchmarks in the automated lighting industry, first with the introduction of the VL1000 ERS, which was named Lighting Product of the Year by the Association of British Theater Technicians and has garnered praise in numerous industry trade publications. And recently, at PLASA in London, Vari-Lite debuted its flagship 1200-watt luminaires. With their unmatched brightness and zoom abilities, the VL3000TM Spot and VL3000TM Wash complement the existing catalog of VARI*LITE products.

"Whether it's through new products, improvements to existing products or expansion of current product lines, Vari-Lite remains on the leading edge of product development," Powers said. "We are listening to our customers and always looking for new opportunities to automate professional lighting."