Riding the successful launch of its new flagship line of 1200-watt automated luminaires, Vari-Lite Inc. unveiled the new additions to its award-winning Series 1000TM inventory recently at LDI in Las Vegas. The inclusion of an onboard dimmer option in the VL1000 TM tungsten units will provide lighting professionals greater flexibility, added convenience and more options to satisfy their specific lighting needs.

"The expansion of our Series 1000 product range immediately after the introduction of our new Series 3000 products, shows that Vari-Lite is committed to the development of new automated lighting products and enhancements to our existing product line," said Vari-Lite President and COO Clay Powers. "Whatever designers need, we've got an automated light for the job."

The VL1000 ERS with onboard dimming eliminates the need for an external dimmer. Dimming functions can be controlled through a DMX console, allowing all of the functions of the lights to be controlled through a single source. The electronic dimmer, which is housed in the yoke arm of the fixture, makes the fixture cost efficient by eliminating many of the expenses for extra equipment, cabling and labor.

"There is a wide range of customers who want to use automated lights, but they are hesitant for one reason or another," said Bob Schacherl, Vari-Lite Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "By continually expanding our product range, we are reaching out to those users, while filling the needs of those who have used automated lights for years. These new products compliment our existing product line and give designers a wider palette from which to choose."

Vari-Lite also announced that all of the Series 1000, Series 2000TM and Series 3000TM products now come standard with a two-year warranty.