From the Opening Ceremonies until the last medal is awarded, Vari-Lite Inc. playing a prominent role in lighting the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. More than 1,200 Vari*Lite® automated luminaires are being used to light events within and surrounding the Games, including the nightly concerts following the medals presentations at Olympic Medals Plaza. All automated lighting equipment and support is provided by VPLS Los Angeles, which also provided equipment for the Olympic street parade.

"Just as the athletes have spent years training for the competition," said Rusty Brutsché, chairman and CEO of Vari-Lite, "organizers have shown the same dedication in preparing for the way the games and events are presented. We were up here exactly a year ago for a trial run on the Opening Ceremonies, so it has been a painstaking process to make sure the proper equipment is in place and being used. Vari-Lite is extremely proud to be an integral part in the way these events are presented worldwide."

A lighting package that includes 204 VL2416™ wash luminaires, 146 VL5™ wash luminaires, 238 VL5Arc™ wash luminaires, 54 VL6™ spot luminaires, 52 VL6C™ spot luminaires, 126 VL7™ spot luminaires, and two Virtuoso™ control systems lit the Opening Ceremonies and will be used during Closing Ceremonies on February 24. Bob Dickinson is the lighting designer for the events, supported by lighting directors Andy O'Reilly and David Grill.

The Medals Plaza, which was designed by LD Bob Barnhart, features a turntable stage that rotates following each night's medals presentation to form a headliner stage for concerts from artists including Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, Creed, and the Dave Matthews Band. Lighting the Medals Plaza are six VL2402 wash luminaires, 172 VL5s, 70 VL5Arcs, 122 VL6Cs, two VL7s, and two Virtuosos, operated by lighting directors Matt Firestone and Paul Sharwell.

Lighting Dimensions magazine will feature Olympics coverage in its May issue, and Entertainment Design will feature Olympics coverage in its June issue.