Marilyn Zhou and Danny Tang, husband and wife owners of Beijing Sunrise, Vari-Lite distributor in China, were involved in a serious automobile accident on Friday. Marilyn did not survive the crash, and Danny has undergone brain surgery, and although he has shown signs of progress, remains in critical condition. At this time doctors are guardedly optimistic.

"Marilyn and Danny are incredibly respected within the lighting industry, and their success was a result of their professionalism, commitment, and caring exhibited towards clients," said Bob Schacherl, Vari-Lite vice president of sales." Many employees here in Dallas as well as J.R. Chai, our regional sales manager in Singapore, were also fortunate to call them friends. We at Vari-Lite ask that everyone in the industry join us and please take a moment to offer their thoughts and prayers to the family and wishes for Danny's recovery."

Marilyn came from the theatrical lighting industry, while Danny has an architectural background. Collaboration on lighting projects led to a friendship, which grew and eventually culminated in marriage in December of 2002. Their daughter, Dian Dian, turned 1-year-old today.