For the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II of England, the Jubilee weekend will see the continuation of Vari-Lite Europe's relationship with the British Airways London Eye through Park Avenue Productions. Park Avenue has been involved in every major event at the London Eye, beginning with the official switch-on by Tony Blair on Millennium Eve.

Once again, Park Avenue has called on Vari-Lite Europe, this time to turn the Eye gold to highlight a charity fundraising initiative over the Jubilee period. Producer Ajay Parekh and LD Paul Cook specified a rig of 80 VL5Arcs™ at the base of the Eye, to create a gold wash capable of dynamic color and intensity chases in harmony with the many Jubilee beacons being lit around the country.

Park Avenue creative director Simon Tapping commented, "Each time we produce another event at the British Airways London Eye we are reminded of its enormous scale, and the unique challenges which the scale and location impose. Vari-Lite continues to bring a high level of enthusiasm and expertise to these projects, supporting us with numerous tests and client demonstrations to achieve the desired result every time."

Vari-Lite account manager Keith Duncan said, "We are very proud to be involved with Park Avenue again lighting what has become one of London's best loved landmarks."

The British Airway London Eye will be illuminated May 31 through June 9.