The USS Hornet Museum hosted the filming of the "All MIlitary" epsiode of the hit TV reality show Fear Factor, December 6 thru 9, 2005. The episode is set to air in May, possibly during the sweeps week period. Event production company DaVinci Fusion ( is the exclusive supplier of theatrical services to the USS Hornet.

"The Hornet was selected as the prime location because it is a very authentically restored WWII aircraft carrier, and we are very supportive of filming activities that support our men and women in uniform,” explains CEO Bob Fish. “We are also often involved with filming activities relating to military history and naval aviation."

The Hornet Museum, located in Alameda, CA, has a highly decorated combat record with a Presidential Unit Citation and nine battle stars from WWII. It also performed three tours of duty during the Vietnam War and, in 1969, it gained international fame as the ship that recovered the first Apollo moon landing mission. The first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, completed his first footsteps back on earth in the Hornet's gigantic hangar bay in front of 500 million TV viewers worldwide.

Fear Factor had four pairs of contestants, each consisting of a male and female. The contestants had been in one of the military branches prior to the filming of this show (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines). During the film shoot, contestants had to perform a variety of fear-inducing stunts, like leaping off the flight deck into a cargo net that was slung underneath a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter, and jumping on a moving truck and grabbing as many flags as possible before the truck plunged off the end of the flight deck into the bay.