"Sensor dimmers are a market standard known for quality and reliability."
AJ Weissbard,
Lighting Designer,
Armani Teatro,
Milan, Italy

ETC is celebrating a decade of brilliance with the 10th anniversary of three of ETC's most popular products: the Source Four spotlight, Sensor dimming and the Obsession control console.

The Source Four anniversary coincided with the record sale of the one-millionth Source Four-line fixture. ETC is celebrating this milestone with a "golden prize": a collection of Source Fours for each of four lucky winners. Earlier this summer, four gold-wrapped Source Fours were placed in four orders shipping out worldwide. The first two winners have surfaced... Mr. He Shou Fung from RGB in China and the theater department of Evansville High School in Evansville, WI, USA! Suspense is growing about where the final two golden winners will be found...!

"The Obsession is my favourite console because of its ease of operation, its speed, and functions. It's the console of choice of New York lighting designers."
Ken Billington,
Lighting Designer on all Chicago productions

The Source Four is the only luminaire to combine the energy-saving power of the HPL lamp with the patented dichroic reflector for the coolest beam around. It is used in venues all over the world, including Akademiteater, Vienna; Moulin Rouge (the film); NBC TV, New York; and in more than 95% of Broadway shows.

ETC has also been celebrating a decade of Sensor dimming. Recent Sensor installations include the Celine Dion Show, Caesar's Colosseum, Las Vegas; NBC 6B Studio, New York, NY; Urbis Centre, Manchester, UK; Armani Teatro, Milan, Italy; HOT TV, all over Europe; Gothenburg City Theater, Sweden; and Legoland Deutschland.

The Obsession II control console was designed with professionals in mind and makes the most complex lighting controls possible. The Obsession II can be found in major opera houses, musical productions and TV studios around the world, including Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin; Worthing Pavilion and the current worldwide Chicago UK Tour as well as the Moscow production of that murderous musical.