Three leading UK rental operations have invested in Robe moving lights in the last two months: London-based Colour Sound Experiment, Halo, and GLS from Southampton.

Colour Sound Experiment has purchased 17 ColorSpot and 17 ColorWash 575 Ats, its first Robe fixtures. CSE’s Haydn Cruickshank reposts that they did it because “People want to use them,” adding that they also have a place in CSE’s hire stock as a “well specified, good value, mid-range” moving light. Their first show was the Southport All Weekender. They will also be out on the Ascot Charity Ball, Hi Fi North and South festivals, and the Metal Hammer Awards plus numerous dry hires to other companies.

Sixteen ColorSpot 1200 ATs are the first Robe’s bought by GLS, although they already have another order placed with Robe UK. The purchase followed being very impressed with some units they had on demo. With the demand for Robe now “clearly rising” according to Ian Turner, “It was time to go for it”. Shows on which they have been used include the Pogues UK tour where they proved perfect for larger arena shows. They have also been used on the Flaming Lips’ European tour, including their Royal Albert Hall show in London, where extra Robes were added to illuminate the organ and choir stalls, making a stage backdrop out of the surrounding environment. They have also been specified by LD Esteban Caracciolo for the upcoming Fall Out Boy tour for which GLS is the lighting supplier.

Halo has purchased 16 ColorSpot 1200E Ats, also their first Robe fixtures. Halo’s Steve Marley looked at them last year and “Really liked the units, the price and the service”. He thinks they will be adding to their stock later this year. They’ve already been on a selection of shows at Brixton Academy and will be used for Halo’s steady stream of ongoing concerts, large dance parties, and corporate events. 5 Star Cases has also built some flight cases for them.