At the recent 2003 NSCA Expo, L-ACOUSTICS US introduced two new coaxial loudspeaker systems - the 112XT and 115XT - to the systems contracting market.

Developed to accommodate professional-grade power handling, both XT line loudspeaker enclosures provide highly versatile solutions for a variety of applications, from distributed sound reinforcement to 'sound-on-sticks' to floor wedges. Engineered for high performance DJ, mobile, club, regional, touring and installed sound reinforcement alike, each cabinet features advanced components and rigging accessories while also benefiting from the flexibility afforded by custom-engineered DSP presets.

The 112XT is an active two-way loudspeaker system containing a 1.4-inch exit neodymium compression driver that is directly loaded by a 12-inch weather-resistant loudspeaker in a coaxial configuration. Power handling on the 112XT's LF device is 290W RMS (1160W peak) and 135W RMS (540W peak) on the HF.

The slightly-larger 115XT bears many similarities to the 112XT but employs a ceramic magnet and 15-inch loudspeaker. Power handling on the 115XT's LF device is 250W RMS (1000W peak) and 85W RMS (350W peak) on the HF.

Advantages of the XT range's coaxial approach include single point source radiation and excellent phase response, total wavefront coherency at all frequencies, and axi-symmetrical directivity that produces identical horizontal and vertical coverage. Coaxial designs also provide LF/HF superimposed dispersion characteristics that are free of polar lobing effects typical of traditional horn and woofer combinations. The end result is natural, studio monitor level sound quality, ideal for proximity use and perfectly matching semi-reverberant environments.

The two enclosures are ideal for distributed sound reinforcement and can also be used in medium power front-of-house (FOH) applications for theatres, clubs, multipurpose venues or corporate events. A few examples of potential distributed systems include delay rings for large-scale installations, surround effects channels for theatre or multimedia, distributed reinforcement for sports venues and delays for speech reinforcement in convention center ballrooms.

Although optimized for single operation, the 112XT and 115XT can each be used in vertical arrays of two enclosures to enhance either SPL or coverage. Due to their compact, low-profile, wedge-shaped designs and axi-symmetrical directivity, both cabinets also provide an exceptionally high performance floor monitor solution. When used with the new SB118 (or other L-ACOUSTICS subwoofers), the 112XT and 115XT are additionally well-suited for side fill and drum monitoring applications.

OEM factory presets are available for approved digital processors (BSS FDS-366 and Soundweb, and XTA DP224 and DP226), providing flexible solutions for a wide variety of two- and three-way operating modes.

Pole mount sockets and side-mounted fly track sections are included as standard on both cabinets and optional rigging accessories include an adjustable U-bracket and vertical coupling adapter. When used as a floor monitor, the trap angle on the 112XT is 45 degrees with respect to vertical and 41 degrees on the 115XT.

Cabinets are constructed of 18 and 24mm Baltic birch plywood (with sealed, screwed and rabbeted angles, and internally braced) and are each equipped with a black epoxy perforated steel grille with acoustically transparent foam. Rear panel connections are made via a pair of four-pin Neutrik Speakons.

L-ACOUSTICS is a leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers, amplifiers and signal processing devices for touring and installed sound markets. Known around the globe for pioneering and championing the modern line array loudspeaker concept, the company has received numerous accolades for its V-DOSC, dV-DOSC, ARCS and other systems. L-ACOUSTICS products for the North American market are manufactured and distributed by L-ACOUSTICS US of Oxnard, California.