The ETCP Council is pleased to announce that 26 arena rigging and two theatre rigging certifications were recently awarded to riggers working in British Columbia and Alberta. Safety & Health in Arts Production and Entertainment (SHAPE), a B.C. based arts health and safety service organization, teamed up with Riggit, a provider of custom rigging in Western Canada, and IATSE to offer the examinations in Vancouver on January 21, 2008.

Dawn Brennan, general manager of SHAPE, identified training and certification as cornerstones for health and safety. “An ETCP certification is a demonstration of a worker’s ability and knowledge and inspires confidence in the workplace.”

Members from IATSE Locals 118, 168, 212, and 891 were among those who sat for the exams. “This is a further example of our commitment to training and safety,” remarks IATSE International representative Barney Haines, who helped organize a five-day training course prior to the exam administration. “The IATSE is planning to conduct similar training courses in cities across the country to assist our members in further enhancing their skills and in maintaining their position as leaders in the entertainment industry. In the end, both our members and employers are thrilled that there is now an industry-recognized standard.”

Paper and pencil administrations of any of the ETCP exams may be arranged locally for groups of 10 or more. Computer-based exams are available at 190 testing centers across the Unites States and Canada. Candidate information, including eligibility requirements and application forms, are available online at

If you would like the examination information and application forms mailed or emailed to you, or would like to schedule a local paper and pencil administration, please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification coordinator, at 212-244-1505.

The certified riggers are now listed on the ETCP website. Each can be identified on the jobsite by requesting to see their ETCP ID card that includes their picture, date of certification and, most importantly, area(s) of specialty.