A significant boost for America’s giant screen market comes from hi-tech giant, Toshiba, with the launch of Technorainbow displays, the renowned high brightness LED screen system, manufactured in Japan by Toshiba Transport Engineering Inc.(TRE).

With more than fifteen years of success in designing and manufacturing high performance LED display systems for the Japanese market, Toshiba has now set its sights on the U.S. with a value proposition that unites state-of-the-art technology with highly competitive pricing. Backed by the quality and service ethic that is integral to the Toshiba brand, the company is confident that the Technorainbow system will soon establish the company as a major player in the U.S. giant screen arena.

Toshiba’s debut into the market comes with an order by national rental specialists, McKnight Visual Inc for a Technorainbow TR2010E system to serve its customer base across North America. With this success, Toshiba becomes the first manufacturer to deliver a high performance 10mm giant screen system to the U.S. with dual indoor/outdoor capability.

This is a significant step forward which enables the events industry and rental companies, in particular, to capitalize on the versatility of a high-brightness, high-resolution system that displays screen images with equal brilliance whether indoors or in daylight conditions outdoors.

McKnight Visual’s General Manager, Al Kilpatrick says, “The Technorainbow system enables us to maximize our investment to the fullest. With its 10mm pixel pitch, this LED screen performs brilliantly in the testing conditions of dazzling sunlight, yet is equally impressive indoors, whether for relatively small or large size screen applications. This is an important new addition to the marketplace and fulfills a requirement for versatility, combined with superior performance quality and value for the money."

In a single screen configuration, McKnight Visual’s initial delivery of sixty TRE-2010E screen modules represents a giant screen measuring 205 ft2, containing 552,960 light emitting diodes, composed of 184,320 each of red, green and blue LEDs.

Each 25” x 19” module has a diagonal measurement of 31.5”, displays one billion colors and requires only 90 watts average to produce a light output that is twenty times brighter than a standard TV. A state-of-the-art Toshiba control system ensures the outstanding technical quality of all Technorainbow screens, which are hallmarked by their capability to display live and video footage, graphics and stills with totally unsurpassed levels of color, clarity and contrast.

With an average build time of less than 60 minutes, speed and ease of installation have also been engineered into the system; modules lock together with all the simplicity of children’s building blocks while all visible cabling and connectors have been kept to the minimum to create a system that combines streamlined operation with high levels of safety.

In addition to the 10mm TR2010E indoor/outdoor system, Technorainbow screens are available with a range of pixel pitches to suit a wide variety of applications including advertising, public information, sport and entertainment.

Head Operations for Technorainbow - Europe & U.S., Jon Perkins said, “The system is well proven and offers tremendous cost benefits to the demanding U.S. market. We are delighted to have won our first order so quickly. McKnight Visual Inc is an important customer and we look forward to continuing the strong working partnership we have established.”

About Toshiba Transport Engineering (TRE):

Toshiba Transport Engineering (TRE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation. Toshiba Corporation is a leader in information and communications systems, electronic components, consumer products, and power systems. The company's integration of these wide-ranging capabilities assures its position as a leading company in semiconductors, displays and other electronic devices. Toshiba has 176,000 employees’ worldwide and annual sales of over US$40 billion. Visit www.technorainbow.com or e-mail info@displayknowledge.com.

About McKnight Visual, Inc.:

With offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Orlando, McKnight Visual is a full service audio/visual company – on a rental or sales basis – to customers throughout the United States and Canada. McKnight Visual provides indoor/outdoor LED screens, video walls, plasma/LCD panels and projection units for trade shows, conventions, special events, television productions and corporate meetings. McKnight Visual’s corporate headquarters are located at 3890 Cerritos Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, tel: 562-431-2773, e-mail: info@mcknightvisual.com. Visit: www.mcknightvisual.com.