Attendees from as far afield as the Phillipines, Sweden, and Ireland have signed up for this year's Broadway Lighting And Sound Master Classes, to be held May 19-24 on the New York University campus. In addition, representatives from Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney, and Universal have also signed up for the event.

"While we've always drawn an international audience, we seem to have attracted a larger number of attendees from overseas than usual," says David Johnson, editorial director/associate publisher of Live Design magazine, the producer of the classes. "I wish I could say why that is, but I don't know! Still, we're so glad to welcome them all to New York for the event. We also welcome those top professionals who are coming to re-energize their creative juices with the lighting and sound faculty."

Registrants are coming from all over the 50 states and Puerto Rico to attend the Broadway Lighting and Sound Master Classes this year, ranging from students to young aspiring designers to working professionals. And it's not too late to add your name to this diverse list. There are still two weeks to register.