TOMCAT USA roof systems recently used by Quickbeam Systems for the City of Plano near Dallas, TX.

The system is a 60'x40' permanently installed BFT Roof System with a trim height at the tower of approximately 40'. The City of Plano had the system installed with an amphitheatre-type feel at the soon-to-be-completed Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve. With approximately 800 acres of land, the Preserve is Plano's largest park. The roof system is part of three phases of park improvements that began in 2003. Once completed, the amphitheatre will have a seating capacity of 1,000 people.

The custom ground support system is based on the industry-standard BFT system offered by TOMCAT. It measures 60'x40' overall, utilizing 43" tall trusses for the main supporting up/down runs and 36" tall trusses for the cross stage runs. The interior up/down stage runs are 26" triangular trusses. The system is engineered for supporting a 30,000 UDL and considers 90 mph winds in the analysis.

Since this was a permanent installation, guy cables could not be used, so the six towers are constructed of steel and special tower foundations were designed. This made it possible to eliminate all guy cables, tower X-brace cables, and tower beams that normally go along with the BFT Roof System. Another customized item for this project was the canopy color. Since this is a nature preserve, the customer opted for a more neutral beige color.

TOMCAT USA and Quickbeam employees were on-site for the installation and training.