Tomcat Global, known primarily for supplying trussing for concert tours, is moving into the theatre market as well, with its involvement in several musicals on tour, including The Lion King, Mamma Mia!, Beauty and the Beast, and Aida.

The company’s most recent projects are Mamma Mia! and The Lion King. For Mamma Mia, the challenges included building 20 custom sections of white mechanical Intelligent Truss and supplying 47 Columbus McKinnon chain hoists with a complete control and power distribution package including a batAlpha modular computer control system. Generally, control power and packages are used in setting up and tearing down a stage, but in Mamma Mia! computerized control from batAlpha allows a section of truss to be lowered into place during the show’s finale.

For The Lion King, Tomcat has designed a unique system that minimizes load-out and focusing times, using its new Swing Wing trussing concept. Tomcat also incorporated a special catwalk system that is built into the truss, making for easy access to the lighting units. The company also provided eight 48’ spans of custom truss for scenic elements above the stage. Also, custom truss towers that act as lighting positions at stage left and right are built with railings and spotlight platforms for technicians to run followspots.

The Mamma Mia! tour went out in February; The Lion King’s tour opens in Denver at the end of this month. Both are expected to have lengthy runs.