Tom Thorne, one of the orignal founders of Flying Pig Systems, has left High End Systems/Flying Pig to pursue other opportunities. The move comes on the heels of the recent successful launch of the Wholehog II console.

Thorne and his Flying Pig co-founders, Nils Thorjussen and Nick Archdale, launched the Wholehog I in a tiny space on the top floor of a warehouse in London. The Wholehog won its share of awards over the years for its first version and its advancement, the Wholehog II. The Wholehog III began shipping this summer. Flying Pig Systems still occupies the top attic in that same building, but has now expanded to all three floors to house FPS and High End Systems offices. Flying Pig merged with HES in 1998.

Says John Wiseman, VP of worldwide sales for High End Systems, "Tom Thorne leaves an unprecedented legacy in the entertainment and fixture control world. Beginning with the co-founding of Flying Pig Systems and introduction to the world of the Wholehog 1 to the Wholehog II console --which is the standard in the industry and still growing into new markets --and onto the latest brilliance of the ground-breaking development and introduction of the Wholehog III networking console and system, his contribution will be felt for many years to come. We all wish him the greatest success as he goes on to the next adventure. You can bet it will break new ground."