ColourPix Pro-V4 fixtures are the latest addition to TMB’s ColourPix Video Fixture system. The hexagonal 4” RGB LED fixtures mechanically interlock together to form arrays of many shapes (or groups of shapes)–rows, rectangles, or random honeycomb designs. ColourPix Pro-V4 fixtures add new dimension, texture, and creativity to special effects by combining color-changing luminaires with video. V-LED video graphics software is used to patch and matrix the fixtures within the array. The system functions as a low-resolution video display, accepting video input of any kind via the V-LED controller.

Up to 4,000 fixtures can be run from one controller and numerous controllers can be connected for almost infinite system size. Fixtures are IP rated for indoor or outdoor installations. Control wiring is a simple daisy chain, using standard 5 pin cables. There is no addressing necessary; the units patch themselves via the signal from the V-LED controller. Integral auto-switching PSU operates from 90V to 250V.

ColourPix Pro-V4 fixtures