West Redding, CT-based Gold Line Inc., the parent company of TEF® is holding its quarterly TEF Sound Lab Training Class on June 8-10, 2001, just prior to Infocomm in Las Vegas, Nevada. Veteran sound engineer Blair McNair will teach the classes at the Holiday Casino Boardwalk Hotel in Las Vegas.

Known for its acoustical and signal measurement system, TEF Systems provides consultants with the answers to everyday acoustical problems in applications ranging from renovating a simple, existing system to designing a complex, multi-function, multi-million dollar facility. These training seminars offer valuable information to quantify and illustrate acoustical problems and then provide workable solutions to both the beginner and pro.

Topics covered in this class will include how to take TEF measurements, time delay, time resolution, acoustic fundamentals, time response of speakers, energy-time curve basics, speech intelligibility, measuring impedance, RT60 and early time delay, RTA and precision equalization and more.

For more information or to register call:1.800.635.4581 or go online at www.gold-line.com.