Stagemaker Compact concert and theatrical chain motor hoists, manufactured by R&M Materials Handling, Inc., are now distributed throughout the US by Techni-Lux, Inc.

“The dedication to sturdiness and quality in the Stagemaker line made the decision to add it to our product range that much easier,” said Techni-Lux VP Alex Gonzalez. “We’re always interested in providing our customers with the most solid, dependable products.”

Techni-Lux technical director Lance Gaboury stated, “The optimized and modern design eliminates the unpleasant service issues usually associated with chain motors. The little maintenance that remains is quick, easy, and field-friendly.” Part of the unique design encompasses a sealed self lubricating gear system and an easy-to-replace chain guide.

Models range from 1/8 to 2 tons of lifting weight and can be run straight or inverted. Standard with all motors are a 65’ black chain, hooks, carrying handles, and a chain bag. A full line of controllers and accessories are also available.