Techni-Lux, Inc. announces that it will now offer the popular industry standard WYSIWYG software, Console Edition version, bundled with its popular SGM Regia consoles and the ShowCad Artist PC-based lighting control system.

WYSIWYG is a lighting design software offered by Cast Software and the Console Edition version will allow an operator to fully visualize their lighting system through an ethernet-connected computer, using no additional hardware. ShowCad Artist also allows operation of the lights within the same computer as CE, giving you a full visualizer, for all in one use. There is also available a special upgrade price to anyone that would like to add further WYSIWYG functionality to their systems.

The SGM Regia consoles, through Techni-Lux, will come bundled with Console Edition, so that the customer will be able to plug into any PC to visualize their show. ShowCad Artist will have packages available that include Console Edition or a PC fully pre-installed. "This will be one of the systems that allows the WYSIWYG visualizer and console to be in the same PC," according to Techni-Lux LD Tony Hansen. "Techni-Lux is also now able to offer Authorized WYSIWYG Training (AWT) and Certified Service Provider (CSP) services and can fully support WYSIWYG and its products."

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