Techni-Lux is now the exclusive provider of services for Render Blender, LLC. Render Blender is a Certified Service Provider (CSP) for WYSIWYG from Cast Software. Render Blender, LLC is only one of three providers in the US and is geographically situated to support the busy convention and themed attraction market of Central Florida. As a CSP, the company is able to provide additional services and support for the popular lighting design software and is even able to produce fully rendered animations. Additionally, training, design support and printing services are offered.

Tony Hansen, resident lighting designer states, "We are now able to provide printing, plotting, pipe tapes, animations and even studio services with this powerful relationship, enhancing creative abilities and saving money by using WYSIWYG’s professional visualization tools. When there is no time to work on-site, a studio can be utilized for pre-programming services."

Techni-Lux’s Render Blender clients can now order all services, reserve studio space, even get training and design assistance with all WYSIWYG products. They also make all of these tools available to the existing dealer network.

"I am sure many have asked what a good lighting system can do? Or how much lighting do I need for a particular venue to be able to achieve specific looks?" says Alex Gonzalez, Techni-Lux VP. "Many other manufacturers and distributors are just interested in selling fixtures, we felt we had to offer our customers more value than just technical support and a great product. Giving an invaluable service that can show our clients exactly what they will get as the final result, using professional lighting products, is paramount to the success of any project…. Seeing the overall ‘big picture’ in advance allows us to better meet expectations, make adjustments, and still be able to remain within a target budget. This is yet another way that Techni-Lux further differentiates itself from others in the industry. Showing what we can do with our many technologies allows our clients the ability to make effective long-term decisions."

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