A new partnership has been formed in order to better bring Studio Due’s lighting fixtures to the United States. Techni-Lux is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of all Studio Due lights, including their City Color and Hercules architectural color wash fixtures and a variety of other intelligent lighting fixtures.

"Studio Due is one of the world’s major industry innovators of architectural and entertainment lighting whose trendsetting concept luminaires have been guiding industry developments for years," says Luciano Salvati, president and CEO of Techni-Lux. "This elite manufacturer is a real ambassador of Italian quality, technology, style and elegance capable of encapsulating all of the values and symbols of a new vision of professional lighting."

"Architectural lighting is starting to enter the mainstream design focus as more of the general public is becoming sensitive to this unique form of expression," comments Tony Hansen, Techni-Lux’s resident LD. “Rooms, spaces and entire buildings can take on an entire new life with creative lighting and be completely transformed at the touch of a button. Many companies are now re-lighting instead of remodeling and have a custom look for each event. We are excited to be able to offer these products and support."