Wybron, Inc., announced last week the findings of a noise study performed on its new Coloram IT color changer that proves it is the quietest color changer Wybron has manufactured to date.

The study reveals that the Coloram IT outperformed Wybron’s Coloram II in tests measuring decibel levels in various performance categories. During five-second fades, the Coloram IT measured .9 decibels (db) lower than the Coloram II. During zero movement, the Coloram IT measured a full 4.3 db lower than the Coloram II.

"Our customers told us that ambient noise of all lighting equipment is an issue in their theatres and houses of worship," says Larry Turner, CEO of Wybron. “The quiet performance of the Coloram IT reflects this feedback. We are proud that we have significantly reduced the ambient noise level by more than four decibels on what was already the quietest color scroller on the market."

Coloram IT is one of the main components of Wybron's dual award-winning InfoTrace system. InfoTrace is a new system that utilizes Remote Device Management (RDM) to control and manage DMX controlled lighting devices, such as color changers, moving lights, conventional lights, and dowsers.

Integrated into the InfoTrace system, the Coloram IT is equipped with a series of sensors that receive information on a variety of functions, such as light, temperature, voltage, fan speed and gelstring colors. This information is then sent to a laptop equipped with specialized software that allows the lighting designer to better manage the entire show or installation.