Using more than 75 years of experience, Strong Entertainment Lighting, Inc., recently took lighting technology to the next level with Radiance, its newest followspot.

Radiance is a durable, lightweight followspot with a new “yoke” design, which allows for unobstructed access to the fixture while providing smooth tilt movement. “We are very proud and excited about Radiance,” said Paul Rabinovitz, vice president of sales/lighting. “The knowledge and experience behind Radiance has redefined followspot technology.”

Strong built its solid reputation on the Super Trouper followspot, which was developed in 1956 and is recognized as the industry standard. Using the knowledge from its many years of producing the Super Trouper, Strong has elevated lighting technology even further with Radiance.

Using advanced operator ergonomics, Strong fuses superior performance with easy operation. Radiance’s “insta-focus” allows operators to adjust focus with a simple twist of the zoom control, while the True Zoom Focus (“TZF”) system eliminates the difficulty of holding focus during zoom movements.

The Philips MSR/MSD 2500 or 1200 powers the Radiance, with the only difference being overall brightness. Operator controls include a nichrome steel iris, a set of horizontal and vertical shutter blades and an innovative “dimming” iris. Radiance also includes a six-color, self-canceling boomerang style color changer.

Strong Entertainment Lighting, Inc., is the industry leader in providing followspots, ultraviolet products, searchlights, stage, studio and architectural lights. Since 1926, the company has served a variety of national and international clients including, The Walt Disney Company, NASA and Luxor Hotel and Casino. Additional information can be found at