Lighting Services Inc (LSI), an independent manufacturer of track, accent, display, and fiber optic systems, announced that it will now manufacture solid-state lighting systems (SSL), since it has formed a strategic partnership with TIR Systems Ltd., the developer of the LEXEL™, a fully integrated SSL solution. The partnership will provide the innovative lighting systems to the specification lighting market.

The LEXEL is a controllable new SSL source that uses up to 80% less energy to produce the same amount of light as a conventional light source and does not degrade its output or color over its 50,000-hour life. With a large share of the museum, gallery, and high-end retail lighting markets, LSI says the partnership will enable the two companies to develop a range of LEXEL-based fixtures that produce white light with a full range of color temperatures, from warm to cool, and that can be dimmed without affecting the color temperature.

“We have entered into this agreement because we believe that the LEXEL is the first system to offer our clients a quality, usable solid-state lighting solution,” says Daniel Gelman, president of Lighting Services Inc. “Ultimately, the output and energy savings, along with the facility for complete control over color temperature and intensity, will make LSI/LEXEL fixtures the light source of choice for museums, galleries and stores.”

“I’m delighted we have formed this special relationship with LSI,” adds Leonard Hordyk, president and CEO of TIR Systems Ltd. “Not only does the company’s market presence give our technology the best route to market, but their knowledge and understanding of their customer’s requirements enable us to develop the technology that specifiers are looking for.”

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