Fellow LDI'ers....

On Saturday, October 20, at 3:30pm, when your feet are tired, and your eyes are bugging out from having lights and video flash in your face all day, come to our

I am going to sit down with the giants of this last year's creative season: Abbey Rosen Holmes, Al Gurdon, Norm Schwab and his gang from Lightswitch, and Kevin Adams, and have a very,very informal session where I will try to extract some insider information on how they process their creative juices, produced some of the most spectacular events of the season, and how they
are planning to move forward and give us more stunners in the future.

As a fellow designer, I am fascinated in how my contemporaries creative processes work. Hopefully I can urge these superstars to share with all of us how
they get this stuff done. I might even be able to extract a couple of war stories while we're at it.

Please join us.. it should be fun. —Steve Cohen

This session is open to all LDInnovation & Technology Conference badge holders as well as 4-pack and 8-pack ticket holders. Register today

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