Stagetec Distribution recently supplied a Compulite Vector Lite (Orange) control system and Hippotizer Stage media server to BBC Studios, part of BBC Resources Ltd, in London for the current production of Davina, the mid-week BBC1 talk show launched on in February.

The Vector is used to control five Clay Paky Stage Zooms, 49 Martin MAC 500 fixtures, 20 Martin MAC 600 fixtures, six Vari-Lite VL1000™, two Vari-Lite VL2416, two sets of Pulsar Chroma Strips, and the Hippotizer media server.

The VL1000s are the key lights for the chat area and band, with two of the MAC 500s as backlights on the chat area. The MAC 600s color the upper set and stairs and the Zooms put gobos on the set behind the chat area. The remaining MAC 500s are used for the band.

The Hippotizer is run in dual output mode–one output feeds a big LED screen hanging above the band, the second output feeds five projectors on the floor, rear projecting on to the round discs. The vision mixer provides a feed from the cameras, usually of the close up, which is run through the Hippotizer so visual effects can be run on the big screen. The ability to be able to operate and get good looks out of the Vector and Hippo within a few minutes proved itself. The communication between the Vector and the Hippo is seamless, the media on the Hippotizer is scanned by the Vector on power up and up to date bitmaps of all the media on the Hippo are automatically loaded onto the Vector pickers. You can then quickly browse the media on the Vector touch screens, when coupled with the front screen view on the Hippo it gives you all the information you need to quickly get the looks you want.

The Vector Lite system has also been used on BBC’s Blue Peter with a trainee operating the Vector controlling two Clay Paky Stage Zooms and 10 Martin MiniMACs. The ease of use of the Vector enabled the trainee to very quickly be up and running with very little training.