Field Template is pleased to announce they have entered into an agreement with Stage Research that will allow SoftPlot Version 9 to be exclusively equipped with Field Template’s SoftSymbols™. SoftPlot 9, a significant upgrade to Stage Research’s lighting software, is scheduled for release at the USITT national convention in Phoenix, AZ, in March 2007.

This agreement lets Field Template realize one of their corporate goals according to Fred Allen, general partner of Field Template. “Since the beginning, our goal has been to distribute SoftSymbols across all CAD programs, striving to create a single symbol standard for the entire industry. This alliance with SoftPlot is a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

SoftPlot is a Windows-based lighting design application that creates graphic light plots and support paperwork simultaneously in real time that is designed for all levels of lighting design, from theatre to film to TV. Field Template’s SoftSymbols is a CAD-based lighting symbol package that uses symbols designed by Steven Shelley based on the patented icons used to create his award-winning series of Field Templates™. Unlike any other symbol library a SoftSymbol and a hand-traced Field Template symbol of the same lighting fixture are identical in the digital and analog worlds.

Bill Kirby, SoftPlot developer, points out that the addition of SoftSymbols continues their commitment to offering their users the features they really want. “We’ve had our eye on SoftSymbols for some time. Their symbols have a clean, easily recognizable style. They also started appearing in lots of drawings, and our clients started requesting access to them.” By combining the two products, SoftPlot version 9 will provide users with a significant upgrade of the SoftPlot application to easily design and manage the light plot and paperwork, while utilizing SoftSymbols to produce superior graphic drawings.

SoftPlot is available in both 2D and 3D versions for individual users. Site licenses will be available for institutional, corporate, and education institutions. Please contact Stage Research, for more SoftPlot information and purchase details.