Stage Research, creators of SFX, one of the industry's most trusted and widely used sound playback software programs, has merged with Canadian-based software company, Crescit Software.

"We saw a very promising opportunity with Crescit," says Carlton Guc, president, Stage Research. "Their programs are robust and very powerful, and compliment the suite of products we already offer."

Crescit Software is the developer of Light Shop, SoftPlot, and SoftPlot 3D. All three programs are being redeveloped by Stage Research and are in the process of being re-released. The Crescit products are another step by Stage Research to expand its services and provide another segment of the entertainment community with professionally developed software tools.

"What we are to sound playback, Light Shop and the SoftPlot programs are to the world of lighting design and operation," says Guc. "And with our new additions and improvements to the programs, they will be even more powerful than ever before."

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