The new SoundFactor SF25 from JBL Professional is a portable two-way speaker system with two 15-inch low frequency transducers. Intended for live music and music playback/DJ applications, the SF25 reflects the increasing market acceptance of the dual 15-inch configuration.

In reality, this is more of a three-way system in that the lower woofer is actually rolled off at a lower frequency than the upper woofer. While this results in a more expensive network, the improvement in mid-range performance makes it worthwhile. The SF25 is especially useful in applications where additional low frequency power is needed, but subwoofers are not practical.

Measuring 1092 x 464 x 432 mm (43 x 18¼ x 17 in) and weighing 42.6 kg (94 lbs.), the SF25 has a power capacity of 500 watts (2000 watts peak) and maximum SPL of 133 dB. SoundFactor's advanced network design for its crossover includes heavy gauge wire inductors for low distortion and SonicGuard high-frequency driver protection. The SF25 is constructed of carpet-covered, three-quarter-inch MDF, a material that is structurally and acoustically superior to the particleboard used by many competitive products. All-metal handles and an 18 gauge, full metal grille are also used.

SoundFactor offers musicians, DJs and other users of live sound reinforcement speakers the performance, reputation, prestige, and confidence that goes with JBL speakers at prices that appeal to the most cost-conscious users. Design innovations such as new advanced crossover networks and a patent-pending waveguide allow SoundFactor to offer the best quality and reliability in its class. New assembly lines at JBL's Northridge, California, factory deliver high-volume, low-cost parts and finished products.

Headquartered in Northridge, California, JBL Professional is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of professional loudspeakers for recording and broadcast, musician, cinema, touring sound, commercial sound and contracting applications. JBL Professional is part of the Harman International network of professional and consumer audio companies. For complete product and company information, go to the JBL Pro website at