Sound Projects will introduce her revolutionary line-array concept LineX at the coming Frankfurter ProLight & Sound show. LineX is the sublimation of the Sigma series symmetrical true line-arrays.

LineX packs an 8 driver, horn loaded design into a remarkably compact and light cabinet. The LineX‘ 3-way configuration provides highest full-range output to size ratio physically possible (as long as you include immaculate sound quality of course). Use of specialized carbon-fibre composites together with calculated bracing and other clever inner reinforcement structures, results in higher stiffness and yet a 30% lighter enclosure than a conventional wooden constructed cabinet. Furthermore no less than 12 handles could be integrated within the compact housing improving the handling of the system extremely.

In search of the best line-array physically possible, SOUND PROJECTS had already developed the patented HF Wave-shape-transformer™. This device resulted in the for line-array desired 90 degree horizontal dispersion, combined with tight, close to zero degrees, vertical dispersion.

Senior designer Frank Zaayer quotes: “If we wanted to go for perfection, the same quality of symmetrical, horizontal dispersion should be delivered by the complementing mid and low frequency drivers. One of the most difficult to obtain (yet neglected) performance criteria in a vertically configured stack of loudspeaker systems is stable horizontal imaging.”

Several combinations of drivers, in just as many different cabinet shapes were developed and thoroughly tested. In order to obtain even horizontal coverage on both sides of the array, SOUND PROJECTS chose for a symmetrical design of driver positioning. In the mid section 4 specially developed 6,5 inch drivers with a neodymium magnet structure and a stiff, light cone are applied, loaded by diffraction slots. Placed above each other these slots create a seamless vertical ribbon of sound and hence all the line array criteria are met. Due to the small width of the slots, uninterrupted and symmetrical horizontal coverage is achieved.

The two long excursion 12 inch woofers were selected for powerful bass performance and are mounted “side-firing” to enhance the extreme compactness of the system.

The design team imposed several other strict demands to the cabinet, mainly related to ease of use, transport and rigging facilities.

The intuitive and convenient integrated heavy duty aluminium-alloy hardware provides up to 24 LineX cabinets to be flown, with a 10/1 safety factor.

Sound Projects will be at Frankfurt in Hall 8, booth G31.

Located in Hilversum, The Netherlands Sound Projects is a leading manufacturer of active soundreinforcement systems. The company was founded in 1986 and distributes her products world wide through independent representatives and importers.

More information at, tel. +31-35-6213233 or fax +31-35-6215455.