The Missing Link OSC/MIDI Translator is a standalone hardware device with its own onboard WiFi radio. It translates specially-coded Open Sound Control (OSC) messages sent from a mobile device or computer into standard MIDI to control, well, anything that responds to MIDI. It does this with low latency, high flexibility and configurability, and without the need for a computer anywhere in the control chain. Multiple OSC devices can connect simultaneously to The Missing Link. “Used in combination with multifaceted controller apps like TouchOSC, the Missing Link allows for custom remote-control scenarios for any MIDI-capable device,” says one judge. “In our case, it provided a ‘one-seat mix position’ for a play with 16 wireless mics and music/sound effects playback. An iPad controlled mic channel-muting and fine adjustment of fader levels on a Yamaha DM1000, and triggered playback of change music and effects via QLab.”

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