David Shadoan and Harry Witz announced the acquisition of dB Sound shares by Sound Image. Both companies have had long histories in both the tour sound and contracting segments of the professional audio market. db Sound will now be known as db Sound Image.

The acquisition and consolidation of db Sound and Sound Image creates one of the largest professional audio service companies in the world. "Taking these two highly successful companies and blending them into one ‘super company’ will yield tremendous advantages for our clients," says Dave Shadoan, president of Sound Image. "We now can provide customers with the same high level of service consistently around the world."

Shadoan was quick to point out that key staff from the db Sound team will remain in place, but Harry Witz will stay as the only original partner in db. With the addition of Witz as CEO of db Sound Image, the Sound Image executive management team will include not only Dave Shadoan, but also founding partner Ross Ritto, COO, and CFO Ralph Wagner.

"I could not be more excited about the future," says Witz. "The new configuration of db Sound as a component of Sound Image will allow for a new, higher level of worldwide support and service and give us the depth customers are looking for. It will also mean more opportunities for every member of the new team."

One focus of the new consolidated team will be to provide the equipment that each customer wants and needs without compromise. "Many vendors in our industry attempt to force a customer to use the kind of equipment that the vendor has in inventory," says Shadoan. "This solves the sound company’s problem, but does not necessarily satisfy the client. Because of the comprehensive inventory that we can now draw from, we can satisfy the clients request, regardless how obscure it may be. We don’t ever want the customer to feel compromised."

For more information, go to www.sound-image.com.