Woody Smith has announced the formation of Nexus Illumination Engineering based in Weston, FL.

Nexus IE was formed to consult on the design, development, and production of lighting products for the professional and architectural markets and to explore the new technologies available in LED lighting. Smith is a long-time industry veteran having led the design and development of the High End Systems' Studio Color and Technobeam and the Hubbell Entertainment HX series. “Just when you think you’ve reached the limits of technology, a paradigm shift comes along to push us ahead," Smith says. "I am very excited by the opportunities that high-powered LEDs present to our industry. This opens the door to the development of fantastic new products that will afford us new features and performance levels that we haven’t been able to achieve by conventional means. This, coupled with the continued improvements in current technology, presents a very exciting future for our industry and one that Nexus IE will be on the leading edge in developing.”

Nexus’ focus is on aiding manufacturers in product design and development, lean manufacturing, Asian sourcing, Six Sigma quality initiatives, and ETL/CETL/CE compliance certification. “I think this is the first time in our industry where we have combined knowledge in these areas with dedicated experience in the lighting industry," Smith adds. "The production and quality methodologies developed by giants like GE and Motorola offer enormous advantages to a lighting manufacturer.”