HBO's freshman series Six Feet Under led the nominations for the 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards today, garnering a whopping 23 nods, including Outstanding Drama Series. Its closest competitors were NBC's The West Wing, with 21 nominations, and the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, with 19. NBC's Will & Grace led the comedy series pack, with 13 nominations. Emmys in 27 top categories will be awarded Sunday, September 22 during an NBC telecast from the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium. Awards in 59 other categories--primarily the sorts of crafts that are of interest to our readers--will be given out Saturday, September 14, also at the Shrine. The following are nominees in some of those categories (for a complete list of Emmy nominations, go to

Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-Camera Series:
Emeril • Halloween
Dwight Jackson, Production Designer
Ed LaPorta, Art Director
Leslie Frankenheimer, Set Decorator
Friends • The One Where Rachel Has a Baby - Parts 1 & 2
John Shaffner, Art Director
Joe Stewart, Art Director
Greg Grande, Set Decorator
That ‘70s Show • That ‘70s Musical
Garvin Eddy, Production Designer
Tara Stephenson, Set Decorator
Titus • Into Thin Air
Stephan Olson, Production Designer
William V. Ryder, Art Director
Richard C. Walker, Set Decorator
Will & Grace • Cheatin’ Trouble Blues
Glenda Rovello, Production Designer
Melinda Ritz, Set Decorator

Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series:
Alias • Truth Be Told (Pilot)
Scott Chambliss, Production Designer
Cece Destefano, Art Director
Karen Manthey, Set Decorator
Six Feet Under • Back To The Garden
Daniel Ross, Production Designer
Suzuki Ingerslev, Art Director
Rusty Lipscomb, Set Decorator
Six Feet Under • Pilot
Marcia Hinds-Johnson, Production Designer
Tom Taylor, Art Director
Susan Eschelbach, Set Decorator
24 • Midnight - 1:00 a.m. (Pilot)
Carlos Barbosa, Production Designer
Tim Beach, Art Director
Ellen Brill, Set Decorator
The West Wing • Manchester (Part 2)
Kenneth Hardy, Production Designer
Ellen Totleben, Set Decorator

Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special:
Band Of Brothers • Part 7: The Breaking Point
Anthony Pratt, Production Designer
Don Dossett, Supervising Art Director
Alan Tomkins, Senior Art Director
Kevin Phipps, Art Director
Desmond Crowe, Art Director
Malcolm Stone, Set Decorator
Dinotopia • Part 1
Walter Martishius, Production Designer
Malcolm Middleton, Supervising Art Director
Jim Morahan, Art Director
Peter Walpole, Set Decorator
James Dean
Rob Pearson, Production Designer
Marc Dabe, Art Director
Leslie Frankenheimer, Set Decorator
The Mists Of Avalon • Part 1
Rodger Maus, Production Designer
Jaromir Svarc, Art Director
Vlasta Svobodova, Art Director
Barbora Bucharova, Set Decorator
Stephen King’s Rose Red • Part 2
Craig Stearns, Production Designer
Randy Moore, Art Director
Maggie Martin, Set Decorator

Outstanding Art Direction For A Variety Or Music Program:
A&E In Concert: Sting In Tuscany...All This Time
Ted Berner, Production Designer
Dayna Lee, Production Designer
Daniel Acon, Art Director
The 74th Annual Academy Awards
Michael Riva, Production Designer
Greg Richman, Art Director
Keaton S. Walker, Art Director
Tamlyn Wright, Art Director
Concert For New York City
Keith Ian Raywood, Production Designer
Anne Brahic, Art Director
The 44th Annual Grammy Awards
Bob Keene, Production Designer
Brian Stonestreet, Art Director
Griff Lambert, Art Director
Scott Welborn, Art Director
MADtv • MADtv’s 3rd Annual Salute To The Movies
John Sabato, Production Designer
D. Martyn Bookwalter, Art Director
Daryn Reid Goodall, Set Decorator
Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games
Jeremy Railton, Production Designer
Richard Schreiber, Art Director

Outstanding Cinematography For A Multi-Camera Series:
American Family • The Forgotten War
Brian J. Reynolds, Director of Photography
Frasier • Deathtrap
Ken Lamkin, A.S.C., Director of Photography
Friends • The One With the Rumor
Nick McLean, Cinematographer
Will & Grace • A Chorus Lie
Tony Askins, Director of Photography

Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series:
Alias • Truth Be Told (Pilot)
Michael Bonvillain, Director of Photography
Ally McBeal • Reality Bites
Billy Dickson, Director of Photography
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • Identity Crisis
Jonathan West, A.S.C., Director of Photography
Six Feet Under • Driving Mr. Mossback
Alan Caso, A.S.C., Director of Photography
The West Wing • Bartlet For America
Thomas Del Ruth, Director of Photography

Outstanding Cinematography For A Miniseries Or Movie:
Band Of Brothers • Part 8: The Patrol
Remi Adefarasin, B.S.C., Director of Photography
James Dean
Robbie Greenberg, Director of Photography
The Mists Of Avalon • Part 1
Vilmos Zsigmond, A.S.C., Director of Photography
Path To War
Stephen Goldblatt, A.S.C., Director of Photography
Shackleton • Part 2
Henry Braham, Director of Photography
Uprising • Part 2
Denis Lenoir, A.F.C., Director of Photography

Outstanding Costumes For A Series:
Alias • Truth Be Told (Pilot)
Linda Serijan-Fasmer, Costume Designer
Anne Hartley, Costume Supervisor
Farscape • Into The Lion’s Den (Part 1): Lambs To The Slaughter
Terry Ryan, Costume Designer
Lyn Askew, Costume Supervisor
Sex And The City • Defining Moments
Patricia Field, Costume Designer
Rebecca Weinberg, Costume Designer
Artie Hach, Assistant Costume Designer
Eric Daman, Assistant Costume Designer
Molly Rogers, Costume Supervisor
Mark Agnes, Costume Supervisor
Six Feet Under • Back To The Garden
Gail McMullen, Costume Designer
Carlos Brown, Assistant Costume Designer
Lucy Campbell, Costume Supervisor
That ‘70s Show • That ‘70s Musical
Melina Root, Costume Designer
Johnny Foam, Costume Supervisor
Will & Grace • A Moveable Feast
Lori Eskowitz-Carter, Costume Designer
Mary Walbridge, Costume Supervisor

Outstanding Costumes For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special:
Anne Rice’s The Feast Of All Saints • Part 1
Van Broughton Ramsey, Costume Designer
Jeannie Ione Flynn, Assistant Costume Designer
Sheila Fitzpatrick, Assistant Costume Designer
Dinotopia • Part 1
Charles Knode, Costume Designer
Robert Worely, Assistant Costume Designer
Josef Kowalewski, Wardrobe Supervisor
The Gathering Storm
Jenny Beavan, Costume Designer
Anna Kot, Assistant Costume Designer
Clare Spragge, Costume Supervisor
James Dean
Yvonne Blake, Costume Designer
Randy Gardell, Assistant Costume Designer
The Mists Of Avalon • Part 1
Carlo Poggioli, Costume Designer
Gianni Casalnuovo, Assistant Costume Designer
Lindsay Pugh, Wardrobe Supervisor
Victoria And Albert • Part 1
Maria Price, Costume Designer
Zoe Porter, Assistant Costume Designer

Outstanding Costumes For A Variety Or Music Program:
Madonna Live: The Drowned World Tour
Rob Saduski, Costume Supervisor
MADtv • MADtv’s Holiday Spectacular
Wendy Benbrook, Costume Designer
Wanda Leavey, Costume Supervisor
Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games
Michael Curry, Costume Structure Designer
Peter Minshall, Costume Structure Designer
Pete Menefee, Costume Designer
Tim Wonsik, Assistant Costume Designer
David Profeta, Assistant Costume Designer
Saturday Night Live • Host: Ian McKellen
Tom Broecker, Costume Designer
Eric Justian, Assistant Costume Designer
Target Stars On Ice
Jef Billings, Costume Designer

Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic, Multi-Camera) For VMC Programming:
A&E in Concert: Sting in Tuscany...All This Time
Stan Crocker, Lighting Director
David Rudd, Director of Photography
The 74th Annual Academy Awards
Robert Dickinson, Lighting Designer
Robert Barnhart, Lighting Designer
Andy O’Reilly, Lighting Director
Matt Firestone, Lighting Director
America: A Tribute To Heroes
Kieran Healy, Lighting Designer (LA)
Leroy Bennett, Lighting Designer (NY)
Rod Yamane, Lighting Director (LA)
Patrick Dierson, Lighting Director (NY)
Matt Ford, Lighting Director (LA)
Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games
Robert Dickinson, Lighting Designer
David Grill, Lighting Director
Andy O’Reilly, Lighting Director
Survivor • Africa: Finale And The Reunion
Tim Sheldon, Lighting Director