Wybron – 7.5-inch CXI Mariner Water Resistant Scrolling Color Mixer

The Wybron CXI Mariner is a water-resistant scrolling color mixer that fits all 8-inch diameter theatrical lights. Additional mounting plates allow the CXI to mount on many more fixtures. Two scrolling gel strings are used with special gels of magenta, cyan, and yellow to mix up to 432 distinct colors. Gel string position is controlled by a standard lighting console using DMX512. The fader positions are proportional to the gel position, allowing partial frames to be used, if desired. With partial frames, on a light that integrates the color, a nearly infinite palette of colors is available. For extended gel life, a three-speed fan is included. Speed – off, low, and normal-is remotely controllable from the console.

All CXIs use the same family of Coloram II Power Supplies, 6-Way, 12-Way and 24-Way. These power supplies provide power and signal to each head in one combined cable for ease of wiring. Each head has an in and out for daisy chaining together and for making setup easier. Diagnostic information is available about each head connected to the supply.

The 31 mounting plates available for the 7.5-inch CXI will allow the unit to mount securely on 152 different fixtures. Additionally, the top hat mount allows top hats, gel frames (for frost), or donuts to be easily used with the luminaire / color changer combination.

Also, since the introduction of the CXI, Wybron has experimented with a "color picker". Their attempts have boiled down to using the CIE color chart because it has proved to be the most useful. The first attempt allowed you to pick a color and get the two DMX values needed from the board. A little later, several designers wanted help with color crossfades with the ability to choose the path the crossfade would take. In response they offer the Fade Calculator. Netscape 6.0, Mozilla 1.2, Internet Explorer 5.0, Safari 1.0 or later is required to view the Fade Calculator. Wybron would love feedback on how the color pickers work for you or if you would like to see something different.

For further information about the CXI range of products or on the company, check out the Wybron website at: www.wybron.com