VLPS Lighting Services, Inc. announced today that the version 5.0 upgrade is available for all Virtuoso consoles.

The new version is the first to run natively in the Mac OS X operating system, and the upgrade includes the latest release of Mac OS X Panther. New features include inhibitive submasters, track and fill cue editing, a media window providing graphical browsing and selection of digital media content, and a high resolution encoder mode for precision control of 16-bit parameters. Other enhancements include luminaire type-specific parameter labeling in the console status windows and timing/function filter displays, expansion of DMX512 support to over 700 universes (using external Virtuoso Ethernet Nodes), and expansion of the Beam Palette to 200 selects.

The Virtuoso SV 5.0 upgrade is now available exclusively for purchase through VLPS Lighting Services.