Tracoman, Inc., a Stanton Group subsidiary and professional lighting distributor in North and South America, and Coemar, S.p.A., a manufacturer of automated lighting fixtures based in Castelgoffredo, Italy, have announced an agreement in principle whereby Tracoman will acquire a controlling interest in Coemar.

Gerard Cohen, CEO of Stanton Group, says, "We recognized the unique and special talents within Coemar early on and have worked diligently since the beginning to get this deal done. Coemar and Tracoman have seen tremendous growth in the past 24 months. The unity of talents and synergy of the combined businesses will help to fuel further growth in coming years. The extraordinary talents of Coemar’s founder will greatly benefit the combined group in the future."

The agreement will allow the current management of Coemar to run their operations while Tracoman will provide the expertise to enhance the companies’ marketing, distribution and research and development capabilities needed to develop growth.

Says Bruno Dedoro, founder and president of Coemar, "I have really enjoyed working with Tracoman over the past two years. I have learned a side of the business that I never knew. I look forward to being a part of this team for many years to come while cooperating to give Coemar the market share it deserves. This business combination will allow me to spend more time developing the best lights in the world while our new partner will take care of the sales and marketing they are known to do so well."